Month: September 2015

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not, He loves Me……

He Loves Me, He loves Me Not, He loves Me……

He loves me, he loves me not,………………………………he loves me.
Remember that little game we used to play as young girls, the one where we would individually pick petals from a flower, chanting he loves me he loves me not, to see which one the last petal would land on? Now that we are grown and have put away childish things, to what or to whom do we turn for the answer to this burning question? Relationship books or magazines with those awesome relationship quizzes, relationship experts, and our trusted friends are many of our go to sources. However, God gave us the ultimate guide for determining a man’s love for you. If your man passes this fail proof test, then you have your answer, he loves you.

1. Is he patient with and kind to you?
2. Is he jealous?
3. Is he rude to you?
4. Does he demand his own way?
5. Does he regard you with irritation?
6. Does he keep a running tally of everything you’ve said and or done wrong in the relationship?

The correct answer to number one is “yes”. Numbers 2-6 should be “no”. Tally up your score; Does he love you or love you not?

I Do

I Do

After the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon are over, then comes marriage. Many months and sometimes years of preparation go into planning the perfect wedding ceremony. More often that not, this same prepping does not go into the actual marriage. Many fail to look past the dress, flowers, rings, reception food and music, as a result they are disappointed when the “happily ever after” is replaced by the reality of marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it has its ugly moments as well. It is a merger of two into one and sometimes the merger seems like a hostile takeover. When uniting 2 people, 2 minds, 2 hearts, 2 souls, the sailing isn’t always smooth. There will be wild waves and tossing of the sea. If you’re not steadfast and fully committed your boat may very well sink.

I am not a marriage expert, but on today I celebrate 15 years of marriage. A marriage that has endured and weathered some of the most turbulent storms, yet one that is without regret and one that I would do all over again. I entered my marriage very much aware of the fact that it would be work. Marrying a service member and becoming an “instant mom”, I knew overtime would be required. Fifteen years in and I’m not ready to retire yet.

A falsehood about marriage that I am glad that I learned early is that it is 50-50. Fifty percent of anything is half of it, so if I am giving 50% of myself in my marriage I am only giving half of me. Half hearted effort usually results in failure. If you give 100% and your spouse does the same, you both receive the best of one another.

Enter marriage with your eyes wide open: realize that there will be storms and be prepared to endure them, know that it is work and be ready to give 100%, and most importantly (and what I believe has made the biggest difference) submit your marriage to God.

Here She is to Save the Day

Here She is to Save the Day

This one’s for the ladies who proudly wear that big “S” on their chests…… The superwomen.  The ones who are always taking care of others, putting the needs of others before their own; the early morning risers, the late night toilers, the supporters, encouragers, the “you can lean on me” women, call on me at anytime and I’ll be there type of females, the “I got six jobs and I don’t get tired” crew.  We take pride in being everything to everybody, but in doing so we often forget to take care of ourselves.  That TLC that we spread to others, often misses us.  So ladies, keep doing what you do best; however, let’s remember to take that cape off every now and then.  Give yourself some of that same love that you so generously share with others.

Be Happy

imageThe verb “be” means to exist or have existence.  To be happy one doesn’t have to do anything.  Happiness exists in our being.  We simply have to own it.  Everyone can afford to be happy, it is free.  There are no prerequisites for it besides merely being alive.  It is an equal opportunist, available to all races, gender, and nationalities.  Be happy, it is a non returnable gift from God.

It’s a New Season

It’s a New Season

The start of a new season can be a good time to enter into a new season in our lives.  Fall just came to town for its 3 month visit, a few days ago.  In the fall grass seeds and bulbs are planted, with hopes for lush green grass and lovely flowers in the spring.  Fall can also be the perfect time to plant good seeds in your life.  Begin to make preparation for the beautiful new things you want to grow in your life.  Take a class to bring you a step closer to the degree that you desire.  Make an extra payment or two towards freedom from debt.  Polish up that resume and hone your interviewing skills, in anticipation of that new job.  Work on yourself, so you will be ready for that new relationship.  It’s a new season.  Fall is here.  Plant your seeds, for winter is soon to come.

Grab Your Happiness

Happiness doesn’t have to be elusive. Because it is a choice, we can have it at any time.  We can choose to be happy regardless of our current situation(s).  There is no need to put happiness on hold until you get that new job or promotion, home, car, or significant other. It’s there for the 74533fbda85c39c2e10cff9ef269e3ebtaking, while we wait on these things. The apostle Paul gives us an excellent example to live by “…For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4:11).   Don’t waste another day, hour, or even minute, drowning in the sea of unhappiness.  Happiness is right there, reach out and grab it.

It’s A Celebration

imageThe Bible  encourages us to “rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15 NIV).  Most of us have the mourning part down.  When someone is experiencing tragedy or loss in their life, we are quick to offer prayers, encouraging words, and hugs.  Let us be equally as quick to offer praise, congratulations, and pats on the back when someone is experiencing success in their life.

Falling Into A New Season

Wearing sexy sweaters and boots                                                      image

Cheering in the football stands

Drinking hot cocoa with my daughter

Firepit nights with the neighbors

The spooks and treats of Halloween

Thanksgiving spent with family and friends

Leaves in beautiful hues of red, orange, and gold

…………………………………Welcome Fall!………………