Month: January 2016

Beauty in a Hairy Situation

When I looked at my youngest daughter’s hair two years ago, when I decided to put a relaxer in it, all I saw was thick hair that was hard to manage (especially for someone lacking in hairstyling skills like myself).

Today when I took out her crochet braids (she is now 9 months relaxer free), I saw thick, beautiful, curly hair.  The same locs that were there two years ago, adorned her head today.  But I couldn’t see them then.  All I could see was hours of washing, conditioning, detangling, and bumbling and stumbling my way through styling it.

As I marveled at her lovely mane, I received a revelation about how this “hairy situation” applies to life.  Sometimes we look at a person and all we can see is a mess.  But, what we fail to realize is that hidden underneath that “mess” is something beautiful.  Because God doesn’t make mess, we can be assured that there is buried treasure within.  So let us make effort to see beyond what we think we see and know.

Short List

Happy New Year!

I’m not a resolution list maker.  Not knocking those who are.  I just choose to sum mine all up in:  I will do better this new year than I did last year.

What that looks like for me is:

Spiritually- I will do better at seeking God first thing in the morning, trusting Him more, and being more obedient

Physically- Eating better, drinking more water, exercising more, and getting enough sleep

Mentally/Emotionally- More “me” time, less stress, and no to being driven by and making decisions based on emotions

Financially- Being a better steward of my finances and making wise financial choices

Now that I’ve put this out here. I’ve made you my accountability partners.  Help hold me to it.

May 2016 be all that you desire it to be and more. Blessings!