Month: July 2016

Conquering Your Goals


Numbers 13:30 is my Tuesday morning inspiration:  “Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, let us go up at once and possess it; we are well able to conquer it.”

Caleb was referring to conquering land that was inhabited by giants.  He knew that God had equipped them to overcome these giants, so his focus was on possessing the land, not on the obstacles to possessing the land.

We have metaphoric “giants” that try to hinder us from achieving our goals as well.  But, I am encouraged that I am/ that we are also equipped to overcome every “giant” that rises up.  We must do as Caleb did and see past the obstacle(s), focusing instead on our goal(s). So, whether your goal is a new career, a promotion, a house, debt elimination, or whatever it is, know that you are well able to conquer it no matter what “giant” tries to oppose you.

Returning Home

I feel like the prodigal son returning home.  I have been away from by blog for a while now-three months to be exact.  I went away seeking new ventures.  While I am finding success in these ventures and am continuing to pursue them, I felt a tugging to return back home.  I fought it at first telling myself I didn’t have time now and that I had already been away too long to return.  I lost the fight however.  This blog is where I began my foray into writing publicly, my beginning in turning a hobby into a career.  After some thought I decided to change it to weekly inspiration, posting once a week instead of trying to post multiple times a week as I initially intended to do. Please forgive my extended vacation.  I’m back home now.