Month: August 2016

The Second Half

The Second Half

My inspiration for the weekend stems from Job 42:12 NLT:    “So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning…”

Sometimes people reach the second half of their life and feel like it’s time to throw in the towel.  They’ve gotten a couple of gray hairs and developed an attitude of if it hasn’t happened by now it’s never going to happen.  But, God has no time limits and no deadlines to meet, contrastly, He defies time.

The same God that caused Sarah to give birth in her old age when she thought it was no longer possible, is the same God who can birth our dreams and desires.  Yes, even in the second half of our lives.  Noticed a couple of gray hairs?  It doesn’t matter- pluck them, dye them, or enjoy them and keep moving forth in faith!

Family First?

This week’s inspiration comes from the theme of a family reunion I attended this past weekend:  “Family First”.

We hear “family over everything” quoted all the time.  We say it, but is it really true?  Our intentions are for it to be true, but quite often things get in the way.  The start of a new career, a promotion, higher education, business ventures, and sometimes just life itself, are all things that sometimes push family into second or even third place.  The pursuit of these things, frequently give us tunnel vision and family falls by the wayside, not completely forgotten, but maybe not given the proper attention.  Phone calls grow fewer, visits delayed, special events not attended….

It happens to the best of us, so there’s no need to beat ourselves up about it.  In the words of Maya Angelou now that we “know better let us do better”.  Let’s keep pushing and pursuing, but at the same time remembering what’s most important:  “Family First”.