Month: January 2017

Stop Seeking and You Will Find

Stop Seeking and You Will Find

I confess, I’m one of those people who was in high pursuit of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.  Online searching, phone calls to all of the stores selling them, scouring the stores weekly since Thanksgiving.  All efforts unfruitful until…..

I decided to throw in the towel, abort the mission, maybe settle for the old full size version.  Then I went to a Wal-Mart store this past weekend to buy pet products.  I had forgotten that there was a Wal-Mart store at this particular location, I just happened to be in the area.  I found the supplies I needed and then I thought “I’m already here, what do I have to lose?”  So I found an employee in the electronics department and asked him if they had any of the games in stock.  I was prepared for a no, but he said “yes, it must be your lucky day, we have two left and we never have any in stock this late in the day”.  My eyes lit up like a kid in a toy store on his birthday.  Search over-mission successful!

Morals of the story:

  1. Sometimes you have to stop exerting so much time and energy on a particular pursuit and let it find you.  This holds true for love and relationships as well as your purpose/passion(s) and career.
  2. Good things do happen when you least expect them to-wait on it
The Sun Will Shine Again

The Sun Will Shine Again

Today started out with gloominess and rain and then suddenly the skies cleared and the sun made an appearance, erasing the memories of the dreariness that preceded it.  Isn’t this just like life?  We’re going through a storm then suddenly it’s over, things are good again and that’s all that matters.

A couple of hours later the skies grew dark again and it looked like the rain would return.  Similar to life, sometimes we think the tides have turned, only to have them to reverse.  We can take heart however, and be encouraged during the gloomy, rainy seasons.  Just as the sun emerged from the darkness the first time, it will shine again.

Stay in the Race

Stay in the Race

The first week of 2017 is ending.  Resolution makers are you still resolved?  Goal setters are you still striving?  Hopefully you were able to start strong and are happily on your way.

Normally it’s not the start of something that is problematic, nor the end of it, but it’s the middle part that is difficult.  We start strong, we know what our desired end is, and we have a plan on how to get there, but……….

  • Naysayers say this
  • Negative thoughts take over
  • What Ifs pop up
  • Obstacles try to block us
  • Time seems short

How do I get past the ‘middle stuff’ to make it to the finish line?

  • Tune those naysayers out or politely tell them to shut up
  • Conquer those negative thoughts with positive thoughts, prayer, and affirmations
  • Ignore the What Ifs; You know that there are not many guarantees in life, but if you do nothing, you are guaranteed not to succeed
  • Lean on your defense (God) when the obstacles try to block you; He will get you around them, over them, or through them
  • Any productive time applied towards your goal is better than no time, so prioritize and manage your time wisely

Remember “the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end”(Ecclesiastes 9:11).  Stay in the race!