Month: February 2017

Look Back Then Drive Forward

Look Back Then Drive Forward

We’re cautioned to refrain from dwelling on the past.  For the most part this is sound advice.  Focusing on the past can be a hindrance in moving forward.  I have learned though, that it is sometimes helpful, even necessary to look back.

When we are facing a road block in our life, recalling past obstacles that we have faced and overcome can give us the fuel that we need to keep moving forward.

Life is a series of battles- some won some lost.  Sometimes it seems like we are fighting a never-ending losing battle.  In these times, remembering previous victories and/or lost battles that we thought would be the death of us, but that we bounced back from, can resurrect our hope and strength.

Sometimes it feels like we’re moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to achieving our goals.  A quick look back can reveal to us just how far we’ve come from our starting point.

When you’re running on empty, feeling discouraged, or having doubts, look back then keep driving forward.


The Big Comeback

The Big Comeback

Normally I am not a Falcons fan, but since my team wasn’t in it, I pulled for the South.  I have never been a Patriot’s supporter, but I must give honor where honor is due.

Tom Brady and team were the epitome of “keeping their eyes on the prize” and “fighting until the bitter end.”  The Patriots trailed most of the Super Bowl game and many began to count them out.  They didn’t let the doubts of others make them doubt themselves however.  The team stayed in the game both physically and mentally.  Just when we thought they were down for the count, they made a comeback.

Not only did they win the Super Bowl, but they made history thrice:  this was the first time a Super Bowl game went into overtime, their 25 point deficit was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, and Tom Brady became the 1st quarterback to win 5 Super Bowl titles.

Lessons learned:  Don’t doubt yourself, doubt your doubters, Don’t give up no matter what it looks like right now, and it’s not over until it’s OVER.