12 Branches from the Tree of Life

12 Branches from the Tree of Life

Life is full of lessons.  Lessons are learned, relearned and new ones added daily.  From the time we are born to the day we depart, we are in lesson mode.  Here are twelve of the many lessons that I’ve picked up along my journey so far.

  1. Sometimes life seems unfair, but be just in your actions anyway
  2. Enjoy getting older, after all there’s only one way around it
  3. Everyone isn’t going to like you, love them anyway
  4. Happiness is a choice and so is unhappiness choose wisely
  5. Your feelings are your feelings; Allow yourself to feel what you feel when you feel it
  6. You are the star in your own life movie, choose who fills the supporting roles carefully
  7. No explanations are required, “no is a complete sentence” (Haven’t mastered this one yet)
  8. Yes is a complete sentence too; Say yes to yourself more (Making progress on this one)
  9. Who you are is just as important as What you are, if not more so
  10. It’s okay to be different; It keeps life interesting
  11. “Timing really is everything” so pay attention and wait for your time
  12. It will find You when you’re not looking for it (this applies to everything from love to lost items)


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