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Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 21 and 22

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 21 and 22

I was reminded this weekend that you can find treasures in your own backyard if you look for them.  I did a little digging on Friday and Saturday.  What did I turn up?  I went to the nearby city of Matthews, NC and found a couple of new consignment shops to fuel my obsession.  Shopping often makes me hungry; I stumbled upon a 1950’s style diner where I enjoyed friendly service and a good meal.

On Saturday I had planned to attend the Hippie Fest with my family,  which would have been a first for me.  After waiting in traffic for 20+ minutes  to get onto the property on which it was being held, for a possible parking spot, we decided to find something else to do with our day.  We ended up in the quaint college town of Davidson.  There just happened to be an Earth Day Arts and Crafts Show taking place downtown.  We were able to meet some new artists and get introduced to their works of art and crafts, enjoy the sounds of a two-man band (guitar and saxophone), and visit with some friendly residents.

Take some time to explore your city and surrounding areas you never know what you might find.

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 19

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 19

I am a strong proponent of not living in the past, but it is good to visit there sometimes.  So I paid it a visit today.  I took a stroll down the proverbial memory lane, with music as my guide.  Memories of when my husband and I first started dating, our wedding, and other highlights of our time together, brought both smiles and tears(happy ones).  I sung in and out of tune, reminisced, and got that “old feeling” back.  That feeling I had when I first fell in love with him resurfaced.  Not that it had gone anywhere, but sometimes it gets buried under the complexities of “life”.  No, can’t live there, but it felt really good visiting.

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 5

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 5

This is day 5 of my “new” journey.  Today’s new is not food related, but it does involve one of the senses – hearing.  While working today I listened to some new music.  I am a lover of all types of music-from classical to rap and everything in between.  I love the places that music can take you to and the emotions it can take you through.   Today the  Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist was my virtual DJ, spinning recent tunes from artists that included:  Keke Wyatt, John Legend, Jussie Smollett, Bruno Mars, Rick Ross, and Chante Moore, just to name a few.  Going back later this evening to see what “The Newness” playlist has for me.  What sensory experience will tomorrow’s new involve?  Check back on Day 6 to find out.



A Prince Among Us

I know it seems silly to some to mourn the loss of someone whom you don’t personally know. And I never met the man, but I feel like I knew him through his music and I was able to identify with him on another level because he too was an introvert. The fact that he could get up on that stage and share his gift in the manner that he did, in spite of this inspired me.

Music for me is more than a “catchy tune” or a nice beat to dance to. It is a form of therapy. It has seen me through heartaches and breaks, encouraged me, motivated me, calmed me, helped me to sleep at night.

I was introduced to Prince in 1984 via the movie Purple Rain and instantly became a fan. His music made me think, cry, laugh, dance. Therefore, I am not ashamed to say that I shed some tears when I heard the news that Prince had died and that I am shedding some even as I write this.

We have lost another legend. But, it is only a physical loss because his music will never die.


No matter how good our lives are, we go through “our moments”.  Moments where we feel a little down, a little out, or a little down and out.  For some of us,if we don’t get a handle on these blues at inception, they spiral into depression.  I have found that music can often be a light in that dark tunnel.

A song that has been a guiding light for me since I discovered it a few months ago, is “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.   Big Daddy Weave?  Yes, a weird name, but the song will truly minister to your heart.  On this morning “Redeemed” reminded me that “I can stop fighting a fight that’s already been won”, it made me give thanks that “I’m not who I used to be”, and it reassured me that greater is coming, because “He’s not done with me yet”.

I am redeemed!