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Heart Check

Heart Check

A good chunk of our time and an even greater portion of most women’s budgets is applied to our appearance.  Hair, makeup, brows/lashes, nails, and clothing are just a few of the expenses that we contribute to.  While there is nothing wrong with this, we also need to step away from the mirror and look at what it doesn’t show.  Yes, sometimes a heart check is in order.

Proverbs 4:23 warns us to guard our hearts:  “Above all else guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life”.  The passage that I share below is based on this verse.  As you read it examine your own heart, for your well-being and very life depends on the condition of your heart.

Hair slayed

Face beat

Glossy lips

Little black dress, caressing your hips

Nails tipped

Feet pedicured

Eyebrows manicured

Eyelashes fluttering

You keep them stuttering


Wait a minute, let’s bring the heart into it

Do you have a heart condition?

Not the kind that shows up on an echocardiogram,

But the kind that can’t be seen:

Bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, envy, jealousy, manipulation,

Just to name a few, conditions that not only harm you,

But have the power to destroy others too

Year of New

Year of New

A prompt in one of my Facebook groups to post a favorite 2016 selfie, led me down memory lane.  I did a rewind and playback of this year and was amazed at all of the new things I experienced in 2016.

I started the year off by officially becoming a member of the church I had been attending for a while.  I completed the new members class and was welcomed into my new church family.

As the song says “I got a new attitude”.  This year I put more emphasis on myself and my “happy” and it felt great.

Several new natural hair styles adorned my head.  Some I loved, others were alright. But, I enjoyed trying out the new looks.

Started a new career as a freelance blogger/writer.  The only question in my mind is “why didn’t I do this sooner”.

Gained a new hobby-painting.  Not an artist, but I enjoy the creativity it sparks and the relaxation it brings.

Traveled to a couple of states I hadn’t visited before and am looking forward to returning.

Overcame my fear of guns.  Took a class and went to the gun range.  Definitely not a sharp shooter….not yet.

2016 was my year of new.  Can’t wait to see what I can discover in 2017.




Short List

Happy New Year!

I’m not a resolution list maker.  Not knocking those who are.  I just choose to sum mine all up in:  I will do better this new year than I did last year.

What that looks like for me is:

Spiritually- I will do better at seeking God first thing in the morning, trusting Him more, and being more obedient

Physically- Eating better, drinking more water, exercising more, and getting enough sleep

Mentally/Emotionally- More “me” time, less stress, and no to being driven by and making decisions based on emotions

Financially- Being a better steward of my finances and making wise financial choices

Now that I’ve put this out here. I’ve made you my accountability partners.  Help hold me to it.

May 2016 be all that you desire it to be and more. Blessings!

This Skin I’m In

This Skin I’m In

I love every single inch of it
Though it is not perfect and sometimes there is more of it than there used to be
It is mine and I embrace it
There are scars, each with its own story
When I fail to get enough sleep there are dark circles
Sometimes I cover them with makeup, other times I wear them proudly
Although unwanted, they are still a part of me
As I have gotten older the one mole that I had in my youth has multiplied into a family of moles
I embrace them, they add character
Sometimes my eyebrows are perfectly arched, other times I embrace my natural brow and let the hair grow thick and wild
Pimples used to freak me out, sending me on missions to get rid of them or looking for ways to hide them
Now I accept them as just another slight imperfection
Flaws, scars, blemishes, and all, I love every single inch of this skin I’m in

Here She is to Save the Day

Here She is to Save the Day

This one’s for the ladies who proudly wear that big “S” on their chests…… The superwomen.  The ones who are always taking care of others, putting the needs of others before their own; the early morning risers, the late night toilers, the supporters, encouragers, the “you can lean on me” women, call on me at anytime and I’ll be there type of females, the “I got six jobs and I don’t get tired” crew.  We take pride in being everything to everybody, but in doing so we often forget to take care of ourselves.  That TLC that we spread to others, often misses us.  So ladies, keep doing what you do best; however, let’s remember to take that cape off every now and then.  Give yourself some of that same love that you so generously share with others.

No Comparison

We’ve all heard the saying you can’t compare apples to oranges. Comparing yourself to another is just as fruitless, as we are all unique.  From the inside out, we all differ in attitude, mentality, personality, character, and physical attributes.  This is a beautiful thing.  9db8a6b8cd7eb43ebdbb0301d2399340We would surely find life to be a little less exciting if we were a population of clones.  Rejoice in your differences, for we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”